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Mohmed Varu * Cricket Legend of Tankaria...Late Mohmed Varu, plating at Mota Padar Cricket Ground. This ground still harbours players like Salim Veragi. * 500 x 480 * (109KB)
Abdulsattar Nagiya * Tankaria Mota Paadar Ground:  The umpire is famous person Mr. Abdul Sattar Nagia & the batsman is Vali Adam Khandu * 456 x 431 * (79KB)
Adam Bhai Bhola * amous cricket personality...Adambhai Bhola * 480 x 487 * (124KB)
Cricket Team  * From left Hafijullah Bunglawala, Vali Adam Khandu, GulamSaheb Batli, Banglawala Ismail Mamu, next Yasin Khoda, Vali Ismail Seth, Sitting person is Abdullah Aama. * 450 x 389 * (86KB)
faiyaz'collection * Really old picture: from left is Late Gulambhai Talati Bhutawala; father of Iqbalbhai Bhutawala (canada), Rustam master Chokiya, Vali Adam Khandu, Late Adambhai Bhola Nagiya, Vali Ismail Seth, Abdulsattar Nagiya (in umpire cap), Ahmedbhai Khoda  Inspactor (ret. Sarpanch)
Late Mohmed Adam Varu, Cricket Legend. 
Sitting:  from left Late Abdullahbhai Aama, Ibrahimbhai Sapa (Chhannu), Ismail Bunglawala,  Gulamsaheb Batli, Mubarak Rethda, Abdullah Bhuta.  * 640 x 448 * (186KB)
  Mohmed Varu  
  Abdulsattar Nagiya  
  Adam Bhai Bhola  
  Cricket Team  
Old Cricket days * Standing:  from left Gulambhai Talati Bhuta, Rustammaster Chokwala, Vali Adam Khandu, Adambhai Bhola, Yasin Khoda, Vali Ismail Seth, Abdulsattar Nagiya, Ahmedbhai Khoda, Mohmed Varu, Hifzullah Bunglawala.
Sitting from Left is Ibrahim sapa, next Ismail Bunglawala, next Gulamsaheb Batli, next Mubarak musa Rethda, next Abdullah Bhuta, next Yusuf Master Ghodiwala a child (Abba), next Ismail master Ghodiwala. * 516 x 480 * (128KB)
Desktop * Really old picture of cricket team in Tankaria Mota Paadar Cricket Ground * 490 x 432 * (101KB)
GW517H480 * Mota Padar Cricket Ground:  If you visit Tankaria nex time. Print this picture & take it with you. See how much it has changed? * 517 x 480 * (116KB)
crickettemaold * 640 x 425 * (183KB)
Naaz Cricket team1983 * Naaz Cricket Team, a picture taken in1983: It was said that Naaz was no. 1 cricket team in whole Bharuch Area.  Standing: from Left  Mohmed Kapadia, Mohmed Vali Sapa, Yusuf Ghodiwala, Ayyub Theba (Wicket Keeper), Gulambhai Ghodiwala (KP), Gulam Musa Ghodiwala, Yusuf Laheri, between Gulam musa Ghodiwala and Yusuf laheri is Gulam Gordhan.
Sitting:  from left, Gulam Gajjar, Yusufbhai Ghodiwala (Abba), Dadabhai (Dushman), Kapadia Ilyas. * 640 x 450 * (208KB)
  Old Cricket days  
  Naaz Cricket team1983  
subasaheb * Suba Saheb & Ilyas Ghodiwala * 452 x 640 * (169KB)
ilyaskapadia * Ilyas Ghodiwala & Late Abdullah Aama. Abdullah Aama never used to wear gloves while batting and the opposite teams were so afraid of him that they made him put the gloves on so many occassion. * 634 x 431 * (149KB)
oldkhari * The picture of old Khari (cricket ground). * 631 x 435 * (169KB)
Paadar-1981 * Can you remember an old paadar? we gor this picture to freshen up your memories. The picture was taken way before the new padar was rebuilt. If you recognise any building  still exists  today, please let us know. * 1525 x 1060 * (443KB)
Darul-Uloom-under construction-1981 * Mota Padar Darul Uloom building construction. Picture was taken in 1981. * 1541 x 1167 * (440KB)
  Darul-Uloom-under construction-1981  
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